Thursday, April 12, 2012

April - Week One Highlights

There have been some changes going on in Tuckerville and the Sugarland over the last week.

I returned to work on Monday and because I have the flexibility to work from home the transition has been smooth. I'm planning to return to the office when I'm done with rehab.

Speaking of rehab - I have only a few sessions left and on Monday I ran for three - 30 second stints. On Wednesday we bumped it up to three - 1 minute stints. I continue to walk/run on the treadmill for 20 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. It's challenging but I'm motiviated when thinking back to the sick people that I shared a hospital floor with during my stay. Getting my heart rate to come down after exercise has been a problem for me so I'm constantly trying to work on my deep breathing.

April 1st was the start of Christos' lawn care contract and he's been eager to get working. In addition to his contractual duties, he has a few projects to work on again this year.

His marathon training has been going well. He has remained committed to getting his time and miles in every week. I'm very proud of him. He has a few organized runs on the calendar over the next couple of months to prepare him for Grandma's.

I rarely talk about the pups here. I should more considering they hold the title of the blog. There is never really much to say about them. These days they love laying in the sunshine on the patio steps and playing ball and chase with all the neighborhood kids in the front yard. Tucker, our cuddly yet lazy boy, has spent the last 6 years leading us to believe that he's incapable of jumping on the bed so every night one of us will pick him up and place him there and he will snuggle up between our pillows until we push him to the end. Despite our knowledge of him being able to scale the retaining wall at the park while chasing kids or jumping on the couch when we aren't looking, we believed this little white lie of his. Until recently after some serious coaxing he actually jumped on the bed. So for those of you who think he's as innocent as he looks, consider yourself fooled.

CT gets the award for the biggest changes over the past week. He's been spending morning circle time and afternoon time in the big kid (preschool) room at school and with that comes the responsibility of learning to go on the potty. Knowing that I had one final day at home before returning to work I set out to seriously start training him over the weekend. He's been sporadically using the potty chair since he was 26 months old so it wasn't unfamiliar territory for him but staying dry and not wearing a diaper was new to him. We're on Day 6 of training and it has gone very well. He's had plenty of accidents (no poo!) but Day 5 was a dry day. So I say this hesitantly....we may now be a diaper free home.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

His current infatuations are:
Tape. Or what he believes to be band aids
Cocoa Pups (Puffs)
Dew (Drew) and Gak (Zach)