Thursday, November 3, 2011

MN State Fair - August 2011

At this point, August doesn't seem to have ever happened. One thing I know for sure is that we made our annual trip to the MN State Fair. It's been a tradition in my family for decades and we hope to instill our love of the great Minnesota Get Together in CT. There is so much to do, eat and of course there is the people watching.

This year Christos and I escaped to the fair for a date night to consume all the goodies we would miss when we went with CT. His nut allergy is somewhat limiting so we knew there were old favorites that we'd have a hard time resisting.

Since finding safe food for him to eat caused a little bit of stress we decided to put the focus of our visit on showing CT all the fun activities the fair has to offer. We went to the Miracle of Birth barn, the cow barn and the horse barn, where we ran into a soccer friend of Christos' who was grooming her horse for an upcoming show.

We screamed (okay, maybe it was just me who was screaming) while going down The Big Slide. CT wasn't sure what to think of it last year, but he really enjoyed it this year. We went twice.

First are a few pictures of of CT's first time down the slide last year.

And here we are this year.

We didn't have any of these delicious treats this year.... (Darn you Sweet Martha for manufacturing your dough in a plant with nuts!)

...but we did enjoy some of this delicious treat.

It was a long fun filled day where lots of memories were made.

And a pair of really dirty feet on a very tired boy.

My third and final trip to the fair was with my dear friend Doreen. She had scored a few tickets to the Maroon 5 and Train show at the grandstand. Beforehand we indulged one last time in some delectable treats. Pronto pups, shrimp and deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough. The concert was excellent and a great way to end the summer!