Thursday, June 24, 2010

Month 11

Apologies for my silence. I've been tring to soak up as much of the last bit of my baby's first year. Plus it's warmed up outside so we've been getting out more and enjoying our time together.

It is the eve of CT's First Birthday and there is so much to share of his life from the past 6 weeks. I'll try to sum it all up in bullets and pictures.

The week before memorial day weekend we were briefly sidetracked by what I thought was teething, but turned out to be an ear infection. Only to be better a few days later when we had to go back to the clinic to have a rash looked at. Four day - 2 trips to the clinic. Good times.

  • Swimming at the pool
  • Playing in the dog water dish
  • Crawling crazy fast
  • Crawling up the steps over and over
  • Drinking bath water
  • Drinking pool water
  • Experimenting with new silly faces
  • Finger dipping in the toilet bowland dog water dish
  • Torturing Tucker
  • Giggling at Sugar's kisses
  • Dancing
  • Reaching for his favorite books, sitting still and quiet while being read to and giggling along at the funny parts.
  • Waving
  • Giving kisses
  • Fetching the dog bones and parading around the house with one in each hand
  • Playing hide and seek in the curtains
  • Watching Baby.Einstein videos. Quietly while sitting still.
  • Cutting two top teeth

  • Saying Tuck (we think). Not saying much else
  • Shaking his head when we say No
  • Standing on his own
  • Growing a full head of wild blonde hair that is soft and angelic.
  • Reusing baby food
  • Eating big people food: Current loves green beans, cottage cheese, biter biscuits and of course, puffy sticks. He even yelled at me one day for not sharing my granola bar with him

    • CT is SO much fun these days. He is exhausting. Constantly on the move. Getting into everything. He is persistant and stubborn. And he knows how to use his adorable good looks and voice to get what he wants.

      Teeth Count: 4

      Up next? A Big Boy 1st Birthday Party and swimming lessons in July.

      11 Months Old