Thursday, January 21, 2010

January - Month 6

Two posts in one day?!?! CT is napping.

This post is dated January 21st, because that's when I really started it. I've explained my process before. I start a list of things to write about and then go back and develop my posts. The only problem with this process is that CT is changing so quickly, that by the time I get to writing, most of it is already old news. So I'll keep what I started and add in anything new.

Started rolling over to the right about a month later than he started rolling to the left.

Racing around the kitchen island in his walker. He comes to us when we encourage him. Mad driving skills that he gets from his Papa....or wait does he get them from his Mama?

Figuring out the sippy cup.
Slept 11 hours 1/20 - 6:30pm - 5:30am. Our nighttime routine has significantly improved since the holidays. It was a hard transition for all of us, be we are all now sleeping well at night.
CT and Auntie Becky have also been making lots of progress with naps during the week. I'm whispering this though because I don't want to jinx it.

Lots of gibberish. Laughing. Coughing (to get our attention)
CT LOVES engaging the dogs. They are so great with him. Very tolerant of his tugs and slobbers. They sneak in kisses often. Tucker is very funny. If we're playing on the floor with CT, he will squeeze himself between me and CT. Or he'll lay down facing away from CT. Inevitably Tuckers butt is near CT's head (they are like magnets). I think this is because Tucker is keeping a look out and protecting CT. It drives me nuts, but warms my heart all at the same time.

Drooling. Chewing. Drooling. Chewing.

Teeth Count: 0

Eskimo kisses with Mama

Independent Play

Busted! (Rolling under the coffee table)

Sitting Up! (This was the first real time he sat up on his own for any length of time. Long enough for me to grab the camera and snap a picture.

"I don't know about this jumper thing. " - This picture was taken the first time we put him in his Johnny.Jump-Up. He has since learned to LOVE it. I hope to snap some video soon. His little toes do this adorable ballerina looking move. (Shame on me for not knowing the correct term.) We may just have a Billy.Elliot on our hands. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

This is what Not Happy! looks like. Do you still think he looks like me?

We're still not sure what this face means. I've started to call it his Stinky Face. I Love you Stinky Face! (one of our favorite books)

And finally some videos that will certainly brighten your day. Enjoy!

CT's debut! Watch out American.Idol.

He LOVES bath time.

Learning to drive. "Look Mama, no hands!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year cha cha changes

Wow. It's already been two weeks since my last post? Seems like yesterday.

I'm amazed when I sit down to play with CT how much he changes every day. It's astonishing. There's always a new sound, a different giggle, something new that captures his attention. Sometimes he'll watch his hand while he opens and closes it. I wonder what is going through that little brain of his. He's constantly growing and experiencing new things. His mind must be like the Scrambler; constantly moving in all directions.

I'm thrilled to report that we turned a corner over the holidays with the sleep training. It's almost as if when turned 6 months old a light switch flipped on. We were able to stop swaddling him and lay him down before he was fully asleep. He (mostly) sleeps through the night now. On a good night he goes down around 7pm and sleeps until 5:30am. He'll occasionally becomes restless and will briefly fuss, but he is finally able to soothe himself back to sleep. Hooray! Mama and Papa are very happy and proud. Becky has been working really hard to get him to nap at her house. They've made some big strides and we're hopeful that in time CT will figure out what to do there.

Even before my last post he was rolling all over the place. He experimented for a long time and once the holidays arrived he 'd figured it out and didn't stop. He only rolls to his left for now. We've been working on getting him to sit up. He's doing very well and it's so cute to see his little body sitting there. After months of taking pictures of him laying down, it's so fun to see him sit up like a big boy.

Teething (or lack there of) is still in progress. No teeth have broken through but he continues to drool and put everything in his mouth. He occasionally sucks his thumb. It's so cute watching him suck away on his tiny little thumb.

Diaper changing just got a lot more interesting. With his ability to roll over and his infatuation with his toes, getting him to lay still is quite a challenge. But watching him grab for his toes is really adorable.

We introduced baby food at the end of December. So far he's tried carrots and bananas, squash, peas with his cereal. The veggies went over pretty well, but he loved the bananas!

We went in for yet another round of vaccinations this week. For the record he seems to react more when he gets the HIB and Pcv shots. Nothing serious. Just a mild fever. But he hasn't had any reactions to DTap, Rotovirus or Flu and H1N1.