Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Oh December, you came and went so quickly. You are a blur.

The beginning of the month was hectic with work (me) and scrambling to get in the holiday spirit. I didn't think I'd be able to pull it all off, but looking back I fared well. My only setback was extreme tension in my neck which cause severe pain and stiffness for 5 days.

We started the the holiday festivities by celebrating with all the Nesbitt's. We wrapped gifts for our Adopt-A-Family then played the annual Nesbitt dice game. Six boys ages 1, 18 mos, 22 mos, 3 1/2, 6 and 9 caused most of the chaos and entertainment. It was a memorable time.

The day before we had a blizzard in Minnesota. Christos, Me, CT, Thea Mags and the pups all ventured out in the Subie to drive to Big Lake for a photo shoot for holiday pictures. It was an adventure. We made it there and back safely. The pictures were worth it!

Every year growing up all the Nesbitt's would meet downtown for dinner at Cafe de Napoli. After we'd all go to the 8th Floor auditorium at Dayton's. Times have changed. The Nesbitt clan has grown so large over the years that it's become complicated getting everyone together to carry on the tradition. So our immediate family has started a tradition of our own. This year we walked through the 8th floor auditorium at Macy's (A day in the life of an Elf.) After we enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant and following we watched the Holidazzle parade from our heat seats. Despite CT being under the weather that weekend, he had a lot of fun running free in the skyways with his cousins. It was fun.

Christmas was low-key. With our families being close we didn't have to travel far. We spent time with each of them celebrating the holiday. CT received many new fun toys to learn and explore with. On the evening we celebrated with his cousins, he was very interested in what they were doing and opening. When Christos received golf balls from his parents, they were an immediate distraction for CT. He ignored his remaining unopened gifts and played with the balls for a long time. It was a very lovely white Christmas filled with magic and love. And although our tree was up, it was never decorated with ornaments. That didn't matter though. We were together and happy and we made new memories.

CT surprises us every day. He laughs at us, with us and at himself. He is SO much fun right now. Our ability to communicate is getting better each day. Although he is still only saying a few words (Mama, Dada, More and animal sounds), he fully understands what we are saying to him. The other night we were visiting some friends when he filled his pants. We asked him if he had gone poo and without hesitation he retrieved his changing pad from his diaper bag and proceeded to lay down on the floor in preparation to be changed. Christos and I looked at one another in awe. As every day passes, he becomes less and less of a dependent baby and more of a little boy. I'm reminded of this each night when I put him to bed. I cradle him in my arms and sing to him. He is getting so heavy and awkward to hold. I know the days are limited that this nightly ritual will be able to continue, so I try to soak up every second of it.

He is still so tall and skinny. Despite how heavy he seems when I'm holding him. I suppose all the winter layers make him heavier. His 18 month check-up was this morning and his stats are always so fun to hear. He stands 33 1/2 inches tall. That puts in him the 75th percentile for his age group. This comes as no surprise. He can now grab things off the counter and table. A new level of child-proofing has just taken effect in our home. He's also able to pull himself up on the kitchen table chair. He and Drew played cars at the table one evening. CT was so proud of himself playing like a big boy.

He's grown out of 12 month pants, it's mostly because of his length although his belly is slowly filling out. He weighed in at 23 lbs this morning. I thought for sure he was up to 25 lbs. He feels heavier than that to me. This puts him in the 10th percentile for weight.

He is a good eater and sleeper. He'll try pretty much anything we offer him. His still prefers fruit and I've learned that I have to wait until the end of the meal to put it on his plate or it will be all that he eats. He's sleeping most nights from 7:30 p.m. until 6:30 a.m. And on most days taking two good naps totaling anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Teeth Count: Still holding at 8, but his pediatrician could see his upper molars are close to the surface and I felt one of them tonight.

We are excited for what 2011 holds. It's bound to be a year full of growing, learning and making memories. We're ready!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crafty Much?

I like to keep my hands busy every now and again with a fun craft project. I started sewing at a young age, much credit to the help of my mom. I've sewn the likes of a variety of items; my prom dress, Halloween costumes, curtains, multiple baby gifts and nursery items. I wouldn't exactly call my craft perfect. It's always a work in progress. While yelling at my sewing machine, there is always a lesson to be learned for next time. I daydream about finding a niche with one of my creations and selling it to the masses. But let's be real, sewers are a dime a dozen these days. Have you seen Etsy?!?! For now, I enjoy seeing a finished product, even with it's flaws. Even more so, I LOVE seeing the reaction of the recipients of my gifts.

As CT neared one year old I grew eager to get my hands busy with something new. My dear friend Molly told me about the book One Yard Wonders. My mom got it for my birthday and I quickly marked all the pages of the things I wanted to make.

A few baby showers were on the horizon, so I picked out a couple things that I thought the mothers-to-be would enjoy. I'll preface this by saying that these two items were completely out of my range of sewing projects. I usually steer clear of intricate detailed work. I can hardly sew a straight line, let alone masterfully assemble a tiny bird.

The first project to tackle was the bird mobile from OYW. We knew cousin Jenny was (is still) pregnant with a little girl (Olive, although that won't be her real name when she enters the world in January). I excitedly picked out fun, bright colored fabric. Since I didn't plan on documenting this project, I don't have step-by-step photos of it. I will say it was one of the more challenging sewing projects that I've attempted. But, the finished product was adorable!! I don't plan on making another, but that makes it even more special and one-of-a-kind for Jenny, Dan and baby Olive. I hope she loves it!

The second project that I marked in the book was Elodie the Elephant. I decided to make it for our friends Becca and Erik's baby girl who will be arriving very soon. Becca mentioned that she didn't want to go the traditional route for decorating the nursery. So I knew I could pick a non-baby themed fabric and have fun playing with different colors and fabric.

This is what I ended up with.

Elodie was fun to make. Sewing the head on the body was very challenging and I had to go back over it sewing by hand a few times to make sure it was secure. Sewing the ears on were the final step, and it certainly made the whole elephant come together. I'm happy with it. If an opportunity presents itself to make another Elodie the Elephant, I will probably try it again. Although, there are still plenty of other fun patterns to try in the book.

Over Thanksgiving, I packed my sewing supplies away to make room for the holiday festivities. Meaning, I transferred them from the kitchen table where I do all my sewing, back upstairs to my sewing table in the guest bedroom. I wasn't ready to start something new over the holiday and I wanted to keep my kitchen table relatively project free for a while. That didn't last long once I read Jill at Baby Rabies post about making a Felt Pomp Wreath, I thought, "I can totally do that." It doesn't require hauling out my sewing machine and it looks like a big impact with little effort.

True to my nature, it took me a few trips to the fabric store and Michael's to get all the supplies needed to make the wreath. I always either forget something or don't get enough of another. I really wanted to find the sparkle felt that Jill used, alas Hancock did not have it. And I wasn't going to trek to the other side of town to go to JoAnn's. I'd come this far, I was going to get it done this week if it killed me.

Cutting out the 4x4 inch squares wasn't as smooth as Jill made it sound. Mostly because I don't have a "bitch-ass" (as Jill refers to it) rotary tool. Once the felt squares were cut out, I started working my way around the wreath pomping close together. Only burning my fingers with hot glue a handful of times. I think I pomped the first row too closely because I only had enough felt for 3 rows, unlike the 4 rows that Jill suggested. Anyway, I'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out. I will likely make it again for another holiday or for a gift. I'll know what worked best and what to do differently the second time around.

Since we live in the frozen tundra, my pretty new felt wreath would get slammed with snow if it were hung on our front door. So I'm currently scoping spots to hang it inside with the rest of my Christmas decorations.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick cute story

CT had a minor case of diaper rash. So after his bath, I let him run around in the buff to help dry off before confining his tush to a diaper for the night.

He loves being in his birthday.suit. He isn't phased by the cool air or the loads of dog hair that cling to his body when he rolls around on the carpet. He prances around causing usual mischief, except it's so much cuter when he's nude.

As he was parading through the bedrooms, he suddenly paused in the hallway. Almost as though he was contemplating his next move. Before we knew it, he ran to the bathroom.

What did we find him doing there?

He was peeing on the bathmat.

At least he had the courtesy to do it in the bathroom.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's about that time.

I was politely reminded (Hi Gab!) that it's been a while since I last posted. (Ok, so I saw Gabrielle in mid-October and I'm just getting to writing now.)

CT surprises us with something new every day. Whether it be playing with vacuum parts as though they were a sword (sound effects included), or throwing his hands in the air to represent "Goal" when the game is on.

When he's not playing quietly by himself, or giggling while chasing the pups, or urging us to get him some more juice or snacks, he's often trying to find ways to communicate with us. More often then we'd like, it's in the form of yelling or a short tantrum. This was new territory for us. We've had to learn how to interpret what he needs or is trying to tell us. His vocabulary is very limited right now. There is lots of pointing and grunting. His words are mostly limited to Mama, Moo, Baa, and Baby. Thankfully he's very good at signing Please, Thank you and More. We ask him lots of questions and he almost always understands us. So much of the communicating falls on us and how we can best read what he wants at that moment.

Although he's not saying much, there are those moments when he really doesn't need to. Like the other day when he'd been playing with my cell phone and a few minutes later it was missing. I asked him "CT, where is Mama's cell phone?" He stopped what he was doing, went and found it and brought it to me. It was a moment of pride for me. I imagine it's the same amount of pride I'll feel when he says his first sentence or we carry on our first conversation. I sat there in awe at how much he's developed in the past few months. And then there was a day recently when we stopped at the bakery after a trip to the pediatrician's office for his flu shot. As he sat on my lap and enjoyed some juice and a sweet pastry he looked up at me and leaned in for a kiss. This was the first time I can recall that he's done that without being asked. It was almost as though he was telling me "Thank you, Mama. This doughnut hole is delicious. I love you."

And for the stats. These are slightly out of date, now that December is almost here. And I know he's put on weight because I can see it in his thighs (he's never had chubby thighs) and how quickly I tire when walking him to sleep at night. Or maybe I’m just out of shape.

15 Month Appointment stats (October 15, 2010)
21 lbs. 14.5 oz. (10-25%)
31 3/4 inches (75%)

Have I mentioned his hair? Oh my word. It's angelic. Long and blond. Soft and fine (just like mine) with curls that only last a short while after bath. It's awesome.

Buttons (cell phones, remotes, computer keyboard)
Light switches
Balloons - He can spot them from far away, whether it be at a restaurant or store. He points and grunts. Uuuuuuuhhhhhh! (Take my word for it, it's cute.)

Playing tug with Tucker

Playing ball - Kicking it with his left foot and practicing headers with his forehead (Thanks Papa!) Headers aren't just reserved for balls though, he'll try to bounce just about anything off his head.

Dancing - He has his Papa's moves. Rhythm without finesse. I like to refer to it as the "Old man with crap in his pants" dance. Christos has already delegated the job of teaching him to dance to me.

Bath time
His paci(fier)
Books - Oh how he loves books.

His cousins Zach and Drew - All kids really. It's so much fun watching him interact with other kids.

His blanket and bunny. They must go to bed with him every night now. Or he stands in his crib and grunts or screams and points at them. Many mornings when he wakes up and I go in to get him, this is what I find him doing.

Finger and Toe nail clipping - Don't get me started.
Diaper changes
Long car rides
Snuggling - Unless, of course, it's the middle of the night and he doesn't feel good. That's when he won't do anything but snuggle. Christos and I definitely don't take these brief moments for granted. We've both admitted to letting him sleep in our arms just so we can enjoy it for a little while longer.

Teeth count: 7 - Maybe more, but he won't let me get close enough to check.

He loves to help.
My little Munchkin - Halloween 2010

The first snow fall. - November 13th, 2010

Now that he knows there is a screen on the back of the camera, this is how many pictures turn out these days.

The Awesome Awesome hair.
Thanksgiving 2010

The day my phone went missing.

His new favorite hiding spot.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Month Thirteen - July 2010

Let's see. Where do I begin? Do I start with his 1st birthday and write to the present? Or do I write about what's fresh in my mind and work back?

How about the most exciting news of the summer?

Tuesday, July 6th Christos saw CT take his first few steps. Since I didn't see it, I didn't believe it. It's not true until Mama sees it, right? I am giving Christos credit, however. Becky, the boys and I confirmed it two days later. It took CT another few weeks before he tried it again and ever since he's been on the move. Sometimes he gives up and crawls to his destination. But now if he falls he stands himself back up and walks to where he wants to go. He smiles with pride.

In addition to walking he's also learned how to slide down the steps on his belly, feet first. And he's really good at pointing at things. Sometimes he points at nothing and we wonder what he's trying to show us. On the flip side, when we point at something he now understands where to look. His hand-eye coordination is developing. Every day I see him do something new with his toys. He's constantly exploring.

He's saying a few words. We're pretty sure he's saying Mom or Mama. And his own version of Tuck, which sounds more like Ta. We've been working on animal noises too. Becky and the boys have taught him how to roar like a lion and Christos and I have been working on teaching him to Baa like a sheep. He gets the idea, but usually just ends up sticking his tongue out as far as it will go.

At his 1 year check up he weighed in at 20 lbs and measured 31 1/4 inches. 10th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. He's a tall and trim boy.

His favorite foods are still green beans, cottage cheese and all fruits. Most of the time he's a very good eater.

His personality is developing. He's a strong balance between stoic and reserved, yet sassy and stubborn. He lets loose and rules the house when we're home. He really likes to clap and dance along with the tv and car radio.

I mentioned many months ago that changing time was nothing short of an Olympic event. I didn't know what was coming to me then. It has gotten ten times worse. He hates having his pants changed and puts up a good fight when getting dressed. He'd much rather parade around the house nude. We usually let him. Who can resist his little white tush prancing around?

Have I written about how much he loves balls? (Get your mind out of the gutter.) He loves to chase them and throw them. I even caught him kick his soccer ball from the outside of his foot. A future Landon.Donovan? No pressure on him. I'm just sayin'.

The other day he realized that he and his Papa have the same boy parts. He'd point to Papa and then check to make sure his was the same. It was innocent and cute. The curiosity in his face was priceless. I could see the wheels in his head turning.

We've been to the cabin a few times this month. It's always fun to get away, but it's exhausting for all of us. CT went on his first boat ride over the 4th of July holiday. He was very reserved and showed little emotion. He didn't quite know what to think. He LOVES dipping his toes in the lake. Even more he loves sitting and throwing rocks.

We started swimming lessons a couple weeks ago. It's not so much swimming lessons as it is more play time. He is the youngest in his class, but he's very comfortable and really enjoys playing with the toys. The three of us go together and it's a been good time to spend as a family during the busy work week.

His first birthday party was so much fun. We did a John.Deere theme and had tractor rides for the kids (big and small). That was a popular activity. We have lots of great memories from the day. The following morning I had to wake him up. He was worn out from all the fun. On his actually birthday Christos and I took him to our favorite bakery for breakfast and then we had lunch at our favorite cafe. We spent the afternoon at Como Zoo. It was a fun and beautiful day.

Another fun exciting note, Cousin Jenny and Dan are expecting a little one in January. We are so happy and excited for them.

The morning after.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Month 11

Apologies for my silence. I've been tring to soak up as much of the last bit of my baby's first year. Plus it's warmed up outside so we've been getting out more and enjoying our time together.

It is the eve of CT's First Birthday and there is so much to share of his life from the past 6 weeks. I'll try to sum it all up in bullets and pictures.

The week before memorial day weekend we were briefly sidetracked by what I thought was teething, but turned out to be an ear infection. Only to be better a few days later when we had to go back to the clinic to have a rash looked at. Four day - 2 trips to the clinic. Good times.

  • Swimming at the pool
  • Playing in the dog water dish
  • Crawling crazy fast
  • Crawling up the steps over and over
  • Drinking bath water
  • Drinking pool water
  • Experimenting with new silly faces
  • Finger dipping in the toilet bowland dog water dish
  • Torturing Tucker
  • Giggling at Sugar's kisses
  • Dancing
  • Reaching for his favorite books, sitting still and quiet while being read to and giggling along at the funny parts.
  • Waving
  • Giving kisses
  • Fetching the dog bones and parading around the house with one in each hand
  • Playing hide and seek in the curtains
  • Watching Baby.Einstein videos. Quietly while sitting still.
  • Cutting two top teeth

  • Saying Tuck (we think). Not saying much else
  • Shaking his head when we say No
  • Standing on his own
  • Growing a full head of wild blonde hair that is soft and angelic.
  • Reusing baby food
  • Eating big people food: Current loves green beans, cottage cheese, biter biscuits and of course, puffy sticks. He even yelled at me one day for not sharing my granola bar with him

    • CT is SO much fun these days. He is exhausting. Constantly on the move. Getting into everything. He is persistant and stubborn. And he knows how to use his adorable good looks and voice to get what he wants.

      Teeth Count: 4

      Up next? A Big Boy 1st Birthday Party and swimming lessons in July.

      11 Months Old