Thursday, October 13, 2011

Memorial - Month Five - August 2011

In August we didn't do anything specific to memorialize Xander. Two days prior, August 19th, was the International Day of Hope founded by Carly at To Write Their Names In The Sand. In my own ways I recognized the day be raising awareness on Facebook and lighting a candle.

On August 27th we unexpectedly lost a dear family member. Christos' great Auntie Sue passed away. The legacy she left behind is one all mothers should strive for. She was kind, full of love, told great stories of her grandchildren always filled with laughter and she gave the best hugs on the planet. I remember the first time I met her she didn't give me the option to hug her goodbye and I'll never forget the giant tight squeeze she gave me. I wasn't even part of the family yet but that didn't matter because even with her large family she still had endless amounts of love to go around.

The day after she passed away, CT and I were playing on the sidelines at Christos' soccer game. We had just sat down for a snack when two beautiful butterflies fluttered by directly at eye level.
It was as though they were waiting for us to slow down enough to take notice so they could strategically fly across our line of sight. I believe it was Auntie Sue and Xander telling us that they were together and wherever they are it's very beautiful.

Rest in Peace, Auntie Sue. Give our Xander one of your generous hugs. We miss you a lots.

August 2009