Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life at home (the Cliff notes version)

In the hospital and after we came home CT was jaundice and underweight. So we made frequent visits to the pediatric office for weight checks the first two weeks. Those bilirubin test sure do tug at a new mothers heart strings. Yikes! Poor guy. Feeding was a challenge, but CT eventually started to put on weight and no longer needed to go in to see the nurse.

Many people have asked how Tucker and Sugar are handling the change. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we hit the puppy lottery when they came to live with us. They have been wonderful dogs and very loving with CT. When we arrived home we flooded them with love and encouragement. Since they sneak in a kiss to CT whenever we allow them. They were definitely sleep deprived the first few weeks. Every time we got up, they got up. Now they spend most of their days resting, just like they always have. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Milestones: CT slept through the night for the first time at exactly 6 weeks. Thea Maggie was staying with us and CT only got up once for a diaper change. He slept well into the following day too. The day prior he'd been up nearly all day and ate a ton. I think he was at the tail end of a growth spurt. The 10 days prior had been chaotic.

Here are some more pictures since I still can't seem to find enough words to describe our life at the moment.

Newborn pictures taken by my friend Jessica. CT was 2 weeks old.

1 Week Old - Laying on the quilt his Great Tante Red made, next to his frog from his big cousins.

6 Weeks Old

To be continued ........

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  1. I love the smiles!! Are you going to be doing the frog pictures on a regular schedule to show how big he gets? I love that!! Also, whose crib is he in? (The white one) Doesn't look like his! Love all the pictures...can't wait to meet him and see all of you!!!!