Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snuggles & Boogers

Have I mentioned that CT isn't much of a snuggler? Much to my dismay, he is not. Occasionally when we catch him just as he's waking up in the morning, he'll want to cuddle. But the rest of the time he wants nothing to do with it.

To add to that, the kid does. not. sit. still. ever. (I know right now my mom is saying "He's just like his Mom. Manda was always so restless.") Still am. This trait has tripled since he started to crawl.

Diaper changing has become nothing short of an Olympic event. He insists on popping over on to his knees to catch a glimpse of the room around him. Then he oh so slowly and casually turns his head to look at me and smiles smuggly. "Ha Ha Mama. I'm too quick for you!" Such a turd.

Perhaps this all seems extreme this week because I'm, yet again, under the weather. CT has been too; running and boogery nose, cough, and a slight fever. He seems to be bouncing back rather quickly. Hopefully we can avoid a trip to the clinic.


  1. You've gotta get some video posted of your little man on the move. (If you can catch him!) Hopefully you are all feeling well and germ free SOON!

  2. i will try to get some video of him too...he is everywhere at my house! luckily i have Drew to help me!