Sunday, April 25, 2010

10 Months!

A week after we returned from vacation we were certain CT was finally teething. He ran a low grade fever for a few days and was showing many of the other *ahem* signs of teething. Alas, still no teeth.

He's moving around VERY well these days. We have to put the dog bowls up and close the gate to the mudroom where we keep the water dish. CT has even attempted to help Tucker eat his dinner. Tucker doesn't seem to mind, but of course we do.

He is swiftly pulling himself up on anything that allows, including Tucker. He's become very stable and is starting to stand flat footed, rather than on his tip toes. We need to go buy some shoes for him so he can get comfortable wearing them and moving around in them. He's never worn shoes. He loves crawling around and having the freedom to move around the house. He even went up a couple steps this weekend.

Christos' lawn care contract started again at the beginning of April. He is eager to get out there. With little care so far this year, the property already looks outstanding! Green and lush like a golf course.

Teeth Count: 0
I'm nearly certain by the next time I post CT will have a tooth or two. I can see and feel one in there and he's a gooberie mess today.

As you can see, we replaced our camera. I've been playing with all the settings. Which means you get to enjoy some adorable pictures!

10 Months Old!
Sugar insisted on having her picture taken too. She's so persistent. Twins Home Opener Day with Z and D.


  1. C'mon TEETH!!! :D Great pictures - wow, he's getting so big. Zach and Drew look like such big boys too!

  2. Wow! time flies fast, hard to believe he's gonna be one in a couple months! I like the jail shot wear he's holding on to the baby gate, I think every baby has a jail shot pict like that :)

  3. Love the new pictures. Can't believe how big he's getting! We need to get the families together again soon, kids are growing up way to fast :)

  4. I love how his hair is standing up now!! He's already changing so much from when I was there, only about 5-6 weeks ago! Crazy!!

  5. Mattie ate plenty of dog food and look at how well he turned out. Woof woof!