Thursday, April 30, 2009

3rd Trimester - 29 Week Update

The 3rd trimester has landed. It started with another cold (#3) and it still lingers a week later. My energy has diminished considerably. It could be because I’m fighting a cold or it could be that I’m slowing down in the final stages of pregnancy. Another discomfort that has slowed me down is extreme pelvic pain on my left side. I’m going to try some things that my doctor suggested to help relieve it, but I anticipate it will be here until Nugget arrives. It will be a true test of my pain tolerance. (Which I’ve always believed to be high, but don’t quote me on that.)

My 29 week appointment went well. My blood pressure was a little high at the beginning of the appointment but back to normal at the end. The nurse said it was due to the flight of stairs that I took to get to the clinic. I was given permission to start taking the elevator. Not that I needed permission, rather a reminder. My weight gain was much lower this time and I’m measuring exactly at 29 weeks. It was a good check up and I’m still so relieved that things are progressing as normal. Even my doctor can’t believe I’m 29 weeks already. I’m still in shock when I read that I only have 11 weeks remaining.

Enough with the not-so-fun stuff and on to the more exciting things.

I had the new Turtle Mocha cooler at Cari.bou yesterday morning. It was so delicious that I went and got another this morning. I’m hooked on all 530 calories.

Tucker is a smart pup. He’s adjusted to my random sleeping patterns. Every time I return from the bathroom in the middle of the night he knows I’m going to switch sides and he moves to the most convenient sleeping spot. We’ve worked out a good system.

We attended the Saturday express birth preparation class last weekend. Our instructor was very engaging and informative. Christos and I enjoyed it. I’m proud to say Christos and I never once nodded off, unlike the couples sitting next to us.

The month of May is knocking on the door and it’s going to be busier than April. (Deep cleansing breath.)

Belly Button update: Still an innie.

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