Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung - 27 Weeks

There isn't much to report this week so this post will be mostly pictures. We've been busy busy busy.

Thank you to all who posted their guesses on the online baby poll. It's fun to see what everyone thinks. If you haven't guessed yet, please do!

27 Week Belly Shot

The window shade Mom and I made for the nursery turned out great and I'm super excited about it.

Lastly, Christos' new 'toys' arrived last week. He's been having fun trying them out and making room for everything in the garage.


  1. 27 weeks! Where did they go? The shade looks great! I'm anxious to see it all in person. And Christos looks great with his new 'toys'! Is he itching to get started?

  2. The dogs look pretty interested, too! So cute! I love the shade...can't wait to see the nursery, especially with little Nugget in it! Hope you're feeling well....rest, rest, rest....

  3. Hey Mandy! I love the shade!! You look great! Can't wait to meet nugget!! :)

  4. lookin good!! cute shade.

    sexy headgear christos has.