Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week 31

Notice the new header my friend and photographer, Jessica, made. Isn't it awesome??

I know, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger. Haven’t I mentioned that we’ve been busy?
I’ll rewind back to week 30. I had my first baby shower the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. My Aunt Susan and my cousin’s wives, Amanda and Jennifer hosted. It was a lovely day and I enjoyed seeing many of the special women in my life. I’ve posted a few pictures below.

Things are progressing and Nugget is moving more and more each day. S/he never wants to move for Daddy though. Christos is already pride fully saying he has a “calming effect.” Let’s hope that continues after Nugget arrives.

Week 32 is creeping up on me. (By the time this post is published I'll already be 32 weeks.) This stage of pregnancy isn’t quite what I imagined, then again I’m not sure I knew what to expect. I feel good and have started to nest at home. Since we’re still waiting for most of the nursery furniture, I’ve started to do some spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is over-rated, but it needs to be done because fall cleaning will sneak up on me quicker than I know.

The gender guessing game is all tied up. 16 readers think it's a girl, and 16 readers think it's a boy. I'm just thrilled I have 32 readers! The results don't match up though. That means there are more of you that haven't placed your guess. It's not too late!

End of week 31 belly shot


  1. I love the dress you wore to your baby shower! And the top in your 31 week belly shot. So cute! Can't wait to see's coming up fast!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! :)

  3. i was also going to compliment you on your baby shower dress... that would've been cute in our photo shoot! :) and who made the gorgeous quilt? super fun.

    and... you didn't say - what did you expect at this point in the pregnancy? :)