Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 32

My cardiology appointment went well yesterday. The echocardiogram shows no additional leakage than the 38% that the MRI showed back in March. Although it still puts me in the high risk category, it is a good sign that it hasn’t gotten worse. Unless my status changes, I don’t need to see him again until after I deliver. Woot Woot!

My 32 week check up was in the afternoon and everything is looking good. I’m up another 10 lbs (Oh My!), which brings my current grand total to 30 lbs. I’m measuring right on target and Nugget is positioned head down. My blood pressure is good and I’ve had no swelling. We did a stress test because Nugget wasn’t very active on Sunday (likely due to the anxiety of my appointments). Everything sounded good and it was cool to hear his/her heartbeat for 20 minutes. I’ll be seeing the perinatologist in the next couple of weeks for a third opinion on where to deliver. It’s still being discussed at this point. One doctor says Abbott while the other says North Memorial. Ultimately, it’s our decision. We just need more information to make the right choice for us.

I’m getting pretty big and random strangers keeping making comments to me about how I look like I’m ready to pop. I don't agree, but I have noticed that I’m sitting further from my computer and bending over more at the sink. I’m definitely slowing down, but still have my moments where I need to remind myself that I’m pregnant. For example the days that I run up the steps two at a time.

June will be here in a flash and there is plenty more to do. Stay tuned.

Belly Button Status: Still an innie.

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  1. I'm glad things are still looking good! I am SOOOOO excited to see you this weekend! I wish you the best of luck making your decision. I'm almost glad the decision was made for me-one less thing to worry about! See you soon!!!!