Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July

This post is going to be picture heavy because there isn't much more to say about our Fourth of July weekend other than: Sun, Mosquitos, Parades, Mosquitos, Food, Mosquitos and the Beach

Have I mentioned that he loves the water? He LOVES the wata!

Cinosam Annual 4th of July Parade
He loves Dum Dum suckers almost as much as he loves swimming. Shot just before a sneeze.

First boat ride of the year.

Next to his red maple tree that we planted for his first birthday last year.

Skeeter Hell.
As soon as the calendar flipped to July, the buggers came out with a vengence and CT was their prey. He was bitten pretty bad. His left arm had 8 bites between his wrist and elbow. His right arm had only two bites but they swelled up so badly that he looked like Popeye. A few doses of Benadryl, a baking soda bath and plenty of anti-itch cream and he was better a couple days later.

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  1. Those pesky mosquitos! Drives me crazy :~P Poor little Popeye arms.