Monday, January 19, 2009

14 Weeks - Colds, Clothes and Vivid Dreams

My 13th and 14th weeks have been spent battling my second cold (since Christmas), and also dealing with some lightheadedness due to low blood sugar. It seems my second trimester has been more eventful than the first. Again, nothing major, I'm just feeling more tired and lazy. The congestion in my head probably hasn't helped much either. I've stayed on track by eating more frequently, despite my lack of appetite, and that's helped ward off any sickness. Hopefully once I get back into my yoga and walking routine I'll start to feel better.

I seem to be at the tail end of cold #2. Hopefully head colds won't be a trend throughout the entire pregnancy.

Sleeping has become more of a challenge. I just told Christos last night that a body pillow is in our very near future. Tucker probably won't be thrilled with the idea, but he'll adjust. Sleeping on my side night after night is doing a number on my already weak hips, but hopefully the body pillow will relieve some of the pressure. Getting up 1-3 times a night to pee and dreaming all night long doesn't help me feel rested when I wake up in the morning. I'm hoping that it will pass once I start doing more activity.

I finally took a big step and purchased a few maternity clothes over the weekend. I don't know how soon I'll need them, but now I'm prepared for the morning that I wake up and nothing fits. I'm still wearing all of my normal clothes, including a belt. As of my 12 week appointment, I'd only gained 1 lb. since early December. I'm glad Nugget is using up the spare poundage before s/he needs more cushion and room to grow.

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  1. oh, yes, a body pillow - i have one that saved me!! and highly recommend, worth every penny.

    i'm so glad you're not getting bad morning sickness. yay for you!!