Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Memories

As promised, the following is how we announced the baby news to our families. We wanted to be different yet still fun and memorable. I think we succeeded.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family; Mom, Dad, Becky, Cory, Zach and Drew. After we opened gifts, Christos came into the room and told everyone that we'd made special cookies. Earlier that day we baked and decorated cookies with each person's name (or title rather) on them. First Christos gave Zach and Drew their cookies. Since Zach was more interested in dessert and Drew can't read yet, neither of them noticed that their cookies said "Cousin Zach" and "Cousin Drew." The only thing I remember is Drew expressing his displeasure with the taste. I'll admit, the frosting was sweet. Then Christos gave Mom (Grandma) and Becky (Aunt Becky) their cookies. Since both have already been crowned the title of Grandma and Aunt, it took them a few seconds before they realized what was going on. Once they did, screams and tears ensued. Dad and Cory were still in the dark, but they quickly caught on. I'll never forget how Dad quietly went back to his scratch off's that Santa had put in his stocking.

I was so excited and nervous that I failed to find the video function on our camera in time to capture their reactions. I'm hoping that by writing it here it, the memory will stay with us for many years to come.

Here are the cookies we made.

We spent Christmas Day with Chris, Sue, Maggie and Alex. I’ll give you a little background so you understand what they are talking about in the video. This year we decided not to exchange gifts. In fact, we got in a minorly heated discussion about it prior to this video being taken. So when I handed the tiny wrapped gifts to Sue, Mags and Chris, their reactions were less than enthusiastic. Below is a picture of the ornaments we gave them. Following is the video Christos captured of them opening their gifts. It speaks for itself. Grab a box of tissue and enjoy.


  1. When you originally told me you got this on tape, I so desperately wanted to see it!! Thank you so much for sharing. Such wonderful reactions!!

  2. What is Dad talking about??

  3. Dad was rambling about how we weren't exchanging gifts...or something.

  4. Awww...that was such a great idea and you have captured that for a lifetime!

    The Rebound Girl

  5. yep, tears...that was amazing. How fun!!

  6. Beautiful, we are so delighted for you guys