Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick 16 Week Update

I went in for my 16 week check-up this morning. We waited 45 minutes to see the doc for five. I guess a quick appointment means everything is good.
  • I've gained 5 pounds in the last month. This is normal.
  • I'm still a novice at peeing in a cup.
  • Nugget's heartbeat was loud and strong.
  • My bump is measuring 15 inches, which is also apparently normal.

Next appointment is with my cardiologist in 3 weeks. He'll be checking both my heart and Nugget's lil' ticker.


  1. sweet. doesn't it feel good to have assurance :)

    re: peeing in the cup. you may never get good at it. especially with a huge bump to balance out in front of you and maneuver around. yeah, fun stuff.

  2. Great news! Thanks for the update! I love that picture of you snoozing with the babies - so sweet :)

  3. I was never good at peeing in a cup..especially later in the pregnancy. And I always felt gyped on the short appointments, you wait forever and then they measure, listen and say, Okay, see you next month!" And you're like, Uh Wait, I'm growing a human here!..Don't you want to talk to me longer?!!

  4. The funny feeling may be Nugget swimming around. I think that Nugget is a girl so here are a few choices for names:
    Goldie (nugget)
    Diamond (nugget)
    All delightful names.

    I am happy you continue to do well. We are still holding our breath waiting for Oscar.

  5. Hey..what about Rebecca? That's a good name too!