Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cardiology Check-Up

Many of you know that I was born with a congential heart defect called Ebstein's Anomaly (a leaky tricuspid valve.) Although frightening at birth, I've lived a normal active life and I've never suffered complications from it. Since pregnancy puts a strain on the body, because the heart pumps three times more blood than usual, it's a good idea to be monitored by my cardiologist throughout the pregnancy.

At my appointment this morning, I learned that the leakage has gotten worse. Although I've shown no symptoms, the echocardiogram proves this. It was a risk we've known could arise. My Dr. doesn't know if it's due to the pregnancy or not. He has requested that I have an MRI to determine the extent of the leakage. In addition, he would like to see me again at 32 weeks. Based on his recommendation, I will now deliver at Abbott so I can be monitored more closely. The possible complications are the same as they've always been; which we knew years before we decided to get pregnant: worsening of leak, pre-term delivery, c-section, bed rest, and water retention.

This changes nothing for the baby at this point. The level II ultrasound will determine if the babies heart is healthy. Hopefully we'll have good news and pictures to share after that appointment in a couple weeks.

It's been a rough morning. A bump in the road that will eventually lead us to Nugget's arrival. Vacation couldn't have come at a better time.


  1. we're of course hoping everything goes smoothly and the outcome is better than you expect... relax in florida!

  2. From the moment of your birth you have been a fighter and I believe you will continue to beat all the odds. Little Kellen AND his mom go home today (right on time) despite all the projected difficulties. This is the time of miracles and I believe that you will have your own miracle in a few months. We hold you in our arms and prayers. We look forward to holding your little nugget too. Love, Tante Red

  3. Could you hear the YIPEE from there? I'm so excited for all of your family! By the way-Thanks for making me feel OLD. I can't believe that my "little Mandy" is going to be a mom.