Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 20

As promised, there is plenty to talk about this week.

Christos and I spent 9 days in Florida with our friends Mark and Susan who live in Orlando. We traveled to Jensen Beach on the Altantic coast for 7 days and stayed in a condo. The weather was perfect. In the 70’s every day. We did plenty of relaxing, lounging, and eating. With some card playing, Wii action, fishing, golfing and shopping mixed in. I slowed down enough on vacation to finally notice Nugget moving around.

The Georgopoulos' and the Dodge's

My level II ultrasound went really well this morning. Nugget is showing no abnormalities. His/Her heart looks good and all the measurements are all on track. Christos and I had to cover our eyes when the doc checked Nugget's “privates.” Both of us swear that we didn’t peek.

We talked some more about my cardiologists recommendations of delivering at Abbott. The perinatologist that I saw today is with Minnesota Perinatal Physicians and also rotates to all hospitals including Abbott. I’d like to stay with my current Ob-Gyn as long as possible, although she is affiliated with North Memorial. After my MRI this week, we should have enough information to make the best decision regarding my care.

Finally, some much anticipated photos.

19 Weeks - On the beach!

20 Weeks - Coming Soon

Nugget at 8 Weeks - 12/03/08

Nugget at 20 Weeks - 3/2/09



Lastly, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Kellen Noah Nesbitt. We hear he looks like both Arik and Jenn. We are looking forward to meeting him.


  1. Look at that adorable little face! The second pictures looks like it is blowing bubbles! And it's foot is so cute! I can hardly wait to meet her/him :)

  2. what a good lookin' nugget! glad you had a relaxing vaca. that bump is getting bigger, can't wait to take some bump shots! ;) abbott is such a nice hospital.