Friday, March 13, 2009

22 Week Update

Wow. 22 weeks already. The first 15 weeks went so slow, but the past 5-6 weeks have flown. We are more than half way to meeting our little Nugget.

Nugget has been fairly active. I'm getting used to the movement so I don't notice it as much anymore. S/he seems to be more active in the evening; which is when I can most enjoy it. Thinking back, there was probably movement earlier before I finally noticed it. I've been feeling good. I've been tired this week, but I'm getting used to my new sleeping patterns, despite how random they've become. I've been waking up feeling pretty sore though. My hips are definitely feeling the extra weight and pressure. No belly shots for this week. I've been too lazy to download them from the camera.

My check-up last Friday went well. Nugget is measuring on track and had a very strong heartbeat. I'm not sure how, but my doctor could tell that s/he is an active one. I've only gained 8 pounds, which we are very happy about. That leads me into my conversation with my cardiologist, Dr. Singh.

The MRI proved that I have 38% leakage from my valve. Dr. Singh puts this in the moderate range. Less than 30% is considered mild, while 50% is "not good." At least now I have a better idea of my situation. Percentages like this give me a good idea of my stats according to cardiology ranges. He recommended I keep my weight low and watch for fluid retention in my legs. If nothing else changes, I will see him again at 32 weeks for another echocardiogram (ultrasound). We discussed the possibility of meds and a closely monitored birth, but we won't know specifics until closer to the time of delivery. So for now I hope that my pregnancy continues to be healthy and progresses without complication.

I haven't written about Christos much. He's been keeping himself very busy the past couple of months. Between work, side work, being a soccer star, maintaining his awesome bowling average, perfecting his dream of becoming a Guitar Hero and working diligently to get a small business up and running, he's had his hands full. He rarely sits still, and when he finally does, he's usually snoring with Tucker cuddled up beside him.

Congratulations to Christos' cousin Tony and his wife Diedra and their son Anders. They welcomed little Hanna Irene Geye to the world on Sunday, March 8th after an intense high speed drive to the hospital and an even quicker delivery. The pictures of her are beautiful. We hope to see them all soon. It's been too long.


  1. Thanks for the update on your heart. Keep us posted.


  2. Okay, songs for your ipod...I would suggest something from Celtic Women, I got goosebumps with "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" It helped me concentrate on relaxing...also the soundtrack to Braveheart....weird but it was both relaxing and exhilarating!

  3. I recommend Prayer Cycle by Jonathan Elias with Alanis Morrisette and James Taylor. It is powerful, uplifting and inspiring.