Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 23 - Spring!

As week 24 draws near, there isn’t a whole lot to report for baby news. My belly is expanding and the round ligament pain is fairly consistent. My hips have gotten much better since I returned to yoga a few weeks ago. Sleeping is the same. Flipping my Buddha.belly from side-to-side is a bit of a challenge, but I’m dealing. Christos keeps reminding me that my belly button “isn’t as deep as it was before.” I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. Oh, and I’ve started to waddle.

23 Weeks

I made big strides with the nursery planning over the past weekend. I had a very hard time deciding which crib I liked, but I finally settled on one and ordered it Saturday. I also found a steal on Craigs.list and purchased a nice used changing table from a family in Andover. It will be a great addition to the nursery. Thea Maggie helped me find the remaining fabric for the window shade that Mom and I are going to make. We also found wall paint colors to match. Once we get the room cleared out we’ll be able to start working on what will become Nugget’s oasis.

Things around our home have been busy. Christos’ business will be taking off in the next few weeks. Last fall he decided to pursue an opportunity in our neighborhood association to care for the landscaping and lawn care. He has spent endless hours doing research over the past 6 months and has finally secured the bid with our HOA board. He’s just waiting for the contract to be signed so he can order the fancy new John.Deere zero-turn commercial grade lawn mower that he’s anxiously been waiting to play with. Although I was extremely hesitant and unsupportive at the beginning of this endeavor, and I know it’s going to take a lot of his time and energy, I know that he’ll do an awesome job. He is anxious but really excited to get out there and make our neighborhood beautiful again.

Since we’ve been so busy, Tucker and Sugar haven’t been getting as much attention as they are used to, but thankfully the spring weather has gotten us all out and they are once again being walked on a regular basis. They LOVE their walks.

Last year we joined a co-ed bowling league with our good friends Jillian and Mark. We only played half the season and ended up in 14th place (out of 14 teams.) In September we decided to play again with the hopes of doing better this year while still having fun. The season started out rough (we were in 16th place out of 16 teams), but we’ve gradually improved our game and averages. As of last Saturday, we are in 2nd place!! Thank goodness for handicaps because they’ve helped us beat many of our biggest challengers. It’s been a really fun season. Our last night of bowling is in a few weeks and hopefully we’ll be able to maintain our 2nd place standing or perhaps steal 1st place.

We finally met little Kellen. What a sweet boy. We cuddled a lot. I am honored that Arik and Jenn asked me to be his Godmother. It’s so exciting that Kellen and Nugget will grow up together.


  1. I love your bump! You look sexy!! :) Just wait til your belly button actually pops OUT, instead of being stuck in. HOT.

    Congrats on the business and bowling scores!! Woo hoo!!

  2. chin up, the belly button may stay put, but will definitely get less 'deep' - ha ha! you look great in pics, even better in person :) looking forward to hearing and seeing what you're doing in the nursery. share, share!!

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