Monday, June 1, 2009

6 1/2 Weeks and Counting

Oh my goodness, I’m having a baby! No, I’m not in labor, but my due date is quickly approaching. June is here already! It dawned on me yesterday at my baby shower and this morning at my doctor appointment.

Becky and my dear friend Doreen threw me a baby shower yesterday. I spent the afternoon with all of my favorite gal pals. Women who mean so much to me and I’m so grateful to have their support and friendship. It was a beautiful afternoon. I came home with a stash of goodies for Nugget. If s/he decided to arrive early we’d be set. (Except that we don’t have a crib or rocker.) Thank you B and D. Yesterday was so very special! I’ll post some pictures once I get my hands on a few. Also a big thank you to Molly and Kelly who made the long trip to be with me. You are good friends and it was a treat to see you both. I hope you had a beautiful weekend with your family and friends.

This morning we met with the perinatologist. She agreed that Abbott would be the best place for me to deliver. Although everything has gone smoothly up until this point, the “what if’s” in this scenario would be better handled at Abbott. She confirmed that she and her partners would oversee my care for the remainder of my pregnancy. This was the final piece that helped our decision become clear. Starting this week, I will be going in for weekly appointments with the Minnesota Perinatal Physicians until Nugget arrives.

I will not be delivering any later than 40 weeks. Induction was discussed in the event that I haven’t started labor on my own. My apologies to those of you who guessed I’d deliver after my due date of July 15th. Feel free to make another prediction.

We had an ultrasound today to check on Nugget’s progress. The nurse said Nugget’s measurements and stats are “textbook.” We took that is a great sign that things are progressing as they should.

My amniotic fluid is in the normal range, but at the bottom of this range. Nothing to be concerned about at this point, but I wanted to make a note of it.

According to Nugget’s measurements, they estimated that s/he is 5 lbs 1 oz., give or take 12 oz. I’ve heard these estimations can be totally off. That’s a big baby considering s/he has another 6 weeks to bake. I’m just relieved to have a healthy baby that is growing at a good rate.

Last but not least, Nugget’s head is so low that the nurse had a hard time measuring it. It’s literally in my pelvis. Another positive check that Nugget is positioned well for delivery.

Belly Button Status: Barely an innie

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