Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 20

I definitely haven't held up my promise to myself and to my readers of posting regular updates of my recovery. The truth is that there isn't really anything exciting worth sharing. My recovery has been smooth. Easier than I anticipated with no unexpected setbacks.

I'm a few days shy of three weeks post-op and I'm able to do most things myself now with the exception of my weight limitations and driving restrictions. My pain could be better categorized as discomfort. I weaned off the prescription pain meds over the weekend which I'm glad for. They caused mood swings that became more obvious during the detox process. I can still feel my sternum trying to heal. I notice it most when trying to reach behind me and while getting dressed. I attempted to sleep in bed last night after a successful nap in the afternoon but I couldn't find a comfortable spot. Laying nearly flat caused a lot of pressure on my chest and it felt suffocating so finally at midnight I resumed my spot on the recliner and discovered how much more comfortable it really is at this point.

When I left the hospital my incision was 75% healed and for the last week and a half it has been 95% healed. There are just a few stubborn spots that are taking their time. Kind of similar to a newborn umbilical cord. It's become more of a nuisance than anything.

I started cardiac rehab last week and it's more basic than I expected but I see the benefit of it. If not for getting my butt back in to exercising then simply for the fact that my recovery is being followed by a medical professional on a regular basis. So far my rehab routine consists of walking on the treadmill at a slow pace for 20 minutes and riding a stationary bike for 15 minutes. While I'm there the time goes quickly and the exercise seems fairly simple but when I return home I'm usually pretty exhausted. It's a reminder of how much my body and heart have endured over the past few weeks.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and well wishes that I've received and continue to receive. I hardly know where to start to express my gratitude. I have gotten cards and texts and emails from all over and from people I haven't seen in years. And for those who have stopped by to visit and bring us food and love...well it all all has been so heartwarming and as an act of appreciation I promise to pay it forward when the opportunity arises.


  1. I think these are pretty regular updates! I don't expect a daily update - you are healing, recovering, getting stronger and that requires a lot of your attention. Just know we are still supporting and loving you from near and far!

  2. So glad to hear things are going smoothly and that you're off the prescription pain meds now. You're a rockstar! Can't wait to see you. HUGS!