Friday, March 23, 2012

Memorializing Xander

Wednesday evening was lovely. Our families came over to help us memorialize Xander and we started a few traditions that we intend to carry out every year.

First we wrote notes with the intention of attaching them to a balloon, but the notes weighed the balloon down so instead they'll be buried with the Forget-Me-Nots from his memorial.

Despite it being overcast, we were able to watch the balloon soar to the northwest for a very long time. It eventually made it to the clouds and disappeared.

As we were finishing up with cake the sun started to set in the same location as the balloon and this is what we saw from our front step.

After a cool overcast day, we couldn't believe it so we got a closer look and this is what we saw to the northwest.


  1. What an amazing sunset. Absolutely breathtaking.

    I've been keeping up with you via the reader on my phone but it has decided to quit letting me post comments. I discovered this after a particularly long comment typed with one finger on your last post. SIGH. Stupid technology. I can't tell if it helps me or just causes more frustration.

    I'm so happy to see you doing so well after your surgery. You really have been a rock star of a patient for all you have been through.

    And the words to your last post are beautiful. It is so revealing of who you are as a person when you talk of what Xander gave you in the 16 weeks he was here rather than what you were left without.

    Much love to you XOXO

  2. Beautiful. Been thinking about you friend.