Monday, June 8, 2009

34 Weeks - Nesting and Resting

I spent a good part of this past weekend nesting. Friday night Christos had a soccer game and after we hung out with some of his teammates for a BBQ. When we got home late that night I received a delivery for some baskets that I’d ordered for the changing table. I stayed up late getting baby stuff organized. Saturday morning I was up early and rearing to go. I had a bunch of things I wanted to accomplish. Nesting being at the top of my list. I got quite a bit accomplished and then Christos and I ran some more errands before enjoying a nice quiet dinner together.

Sunday afternoon was my last baby shower. Christos’ mom and sister (Sue and Maggie) hosted a beautiful day filled with gorgeous flowers, delicious food and great company. Although it was gloomy outside, my home was filled with lots of love and sunshine. It was so great to see family and friends that we don’t see very often. We are very grateful to have such wonderful and generous people in our life. Thank you Sue and Mags! P.S. Just so we never forget, my counter tops and floor are still a little sticky from the margarita explosion. It was worth it though. The extra-virgin margaritas were awesome!!

This morning I went in for a scheduled ultrasound and NST (fetal monitoring.) Nugget cooperated during the ultrasound. Proved that s/he is trying to take breaths on his/her own. We even caught him/her sucking on the umbilical cord. The sonographer also got a picture of Nugget’s “chubby toes.” The unfortunate result of the ultrasound showed that the amniotic fluid is even lower than last week. Last week it measured 9.5 cm. This morning it measured 5.3. Off to the MAC (maternal assessment center) I went. Fetal monitoring showed that Nugget is active and getting enough oxygen. A few tests for my water breaking and preeclampsia came back negative. Since those results were good I was sent on my way with instructions for modified bed rest. I go in tomorrow for a previously scheduled appointment with the perinatologist. Then I’ll have to go back for more fetal monitoring again later this week. Until then, I’ll be sitting at home with my feet up and drinking lots of fluids.

Just in case, I will be packing my hospital bag tonight!

"Chubby Toes"
34 Weeks
Look! My NKOTB t-shirt still fits! (kinda)

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