Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here is the update from Christos this morning:

Mandy is doing great!  Christos was able to go to the hotel to sleep last night.  He was back with her this morning and she has been responding to him.  He said it is like playing charades trying to figure out what she needs.  She was trying to tell them to take a picture of her and it took them awhile to figure it out!

The breathing tube came out at around 9:30.  She was very ready for it to come out.  When the doctor asked her how she was she replied "shitty" and he took that as a good sign. I was glad to hear she had such a feisty attitude already!!

She is still very sleepy and out of it but everything is looking good.  Her throat is sore and she wants water but can't have it for awhile. 

That was the latest update from him around 10am.  She is expected to stay in ICU for today and hopefully move to a room tonight or tomorrow.

I would expect that today will not bring much more news, but will update if there is anything to report.  No news is good news in my book!



  1. So glad to here. I know these next few days will be "shitty"...hang in there Mandy!!! Continued prayers for pain relief and speedy healing and no complications. XO

  2. Shitty sounds like the perfect sum up of a surgery like that! Glad to know you are in the fighting spirit Mandy!! Prayers for continued rest, healing and the good drugs ;)
    <3 <3 <3 <3
    Purple Power!!