Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making progress

I was so happy to be able to take the day and drive down to visit Mandy with Christos sister Maggie.

She was very tired when we got there as she didn't sleep well last night.   She had been sitting in the chair before our arrival which also takes some of her energy.  She was still in ICU, but they had removed her catheter.  When we were with her they were getting her ready to remove her IV lines that were in her neck and her chest tube.  I went to grab some lunch with my parents and Christos parents and when we came back both of those were removed and they were just waiting for a regular room for her.

Once she got moved to a regular room, she was still suffering from nausea and dizziness.  Both from the meds and I think from being wheeled from one room to another in a wheelchair.  She has been eating jello and popscicles.  She has been hungry but it is hard for her to think about eating anything.  We just spent our time letting her rest and a little bit of small talk. 

By the time we left, she had been able to use the bathroom and even went for a short walk.  As I am writing this, Christos let us know she went for another small walk this evening.

She has an "irritable heart" which is to be expected after someone messes with your heart for 2 hours.  But it causes her monitor to go off occasionally, especially after activity and it makes Christos nervous.  The nurses in the new room she is in were amazed when she came in with NO tubes, or even IV's hooked on her.  Just breathing some oxygen through a nasal cannula.  When we would walk the hallways, most of the other people were hooked up to lots of machines while walking around!  

I am so grateful I was able to go and visit her today. I can not say enough how great the hospital staff has been to my family and in caring for her.  It gave me great peace of mind knowing how well she is being taken care of and even though she is still very uncomfortable, she is so strong!

She is an amazing women and proud just does not describe how I feel about her being my little sister!



  1. Yay Mandy! Beautifully written, Becky. Brought a tear to my eyes. So glad she's doing well and look forward to more updates!

  2. Tears of joy to know that she is so well taken care of and your family feels so cared for. I hope the long distance support on here and Purple power continues to provide a smile. XOXO for continued strength and healing. <3

  3. Been thinking about her. Love and prayers - her blog friend.

  4. You always make me tear up, Becky. Thank you so much for posting updates! I'm so relieved to hear how well she is doing! She's a tough mama :)

  5. The steps are small but I love how Mayo makes you feel like an all star...even farting can get a round of applause there! So proud of you, Amanda. It's been beautiful to see your family and friends cheer you on!!! Smiles- Lauren...someone who has walked in your shoes :)