Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two steps forward and one step back

Talked with Christos on the phone this morning and things were looking good!  She had eaten some breakfast and already had her chest x-ray and EKG done.  They were just waiting to hear the results from those tests.

A little while later he texted me that the chest x-ray was good and the spot that had collapsed was smaller then yesterday.  Her EKG was great!  They were going to be discharged if she could have a bowel movement ( the one last thing almost everyone has to do before they ever get discharged from the hospital :))

About an hour later, he texted me again.  She had gone for a walk, tried using the bathroom and decided to take a shower.  All of the activity and her blood pressure medications made her dizzy in the shower and she passed out.  Luckily Christos was there to catch her and she wasn't hurt.  The Physicians Assistant who has been monitoring the entire time she is there decided they needed to adjust her meds and continue to monitor her one more night just to be sure.

Tonight they were able to Skype with CT again!  CT continues to be his joyful, loving self while his mom and dad are gone.  I was sort of afraid seeing them on the computer would make him upset or sad, but he really just chats for a few minutes and runs off to play again with Zach and Drew!

So, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully will be Mandy's homecoming!


  1. It's so great to hear that amidst all of this, CT is happy and just excited to be with his cousins. One major stress off Mandy and Christos! Here's to positive thoughts and hoping tonight is smooth and Mandy gets to be home tomorrow, Leap Day of all days!! :)

  2. It's great that the little one is so happy playing. Mom probably doesn't worry so much and can focus on her recovery.
    Best wishes Mandy!

  3. Better safe than sorry. I am so glad that the staff is taking such care with Mandy so that they send her home under the best conditions. And so good to hear that CT seems to be taking it all in stride! And Bravo to you Becky for being such a support to your sister and keeping us updated. Hugs to you!