Monday, February 27, 2012

Small set back

When I chatted with my dad on the phone this morning, Mandy had had a good morning.  She had eaten some breakfast and taken another walk.

Sounded like she had gotten some sleep, but poor Christos slept in a recliner in her room and not sure I can say the same for him!! 

Mandy's dear friend Doreen headed down this morning and was spending the day with them.  I was so glad she would have some other company to visit her and keep her spirits high.

Didn't hear anything from them all day but figured she was doing well.  When I got home from picking CT up from school, she had posted on FB!  I was so excited to see a picture of her and Doreen. She look great!

She had gotten a shower and even a massage today.  But to my surprise she had posted that she was bummed that her anticipated departure date ( Tuesday) was adjusted due to hear having a collapsed lung.  I quickly called Christos to see what was going on.  He said they had done an x-ray and discovered it.   It can be a complication from them removing the breathing tube.  Tomorrow they will do another x-ray and EKG.  Still hoping her discharge day is only postponed until Wed. but now with this impending snow storm we are supposed to get Tuesday, into Wednesday I would be less stressed if they had to keep her one more day!

CT finally got to Skype with them tonight!  It was short, but I could tell they were all glad to see and talk with one another.  Even though I had just seen her yesterday, it was so great to see her smiling face today!  It is amazing what a difference a day can make!!

Hoping for more great news tomorrow!


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